Real Estate

by Roxanne C.

I obtained my CEA certification in real estate in early 2018. With my personal online presence and experience in digital marketing, most of my prospecting, branding and outreach methods are based on digital marketing alone.

This includes:

  • Roxanne Chia Realty website
  • Facebook marketing and advertising
  • Video content creation
  • Blogging as a means of SEO

Through adjusting Facebook ad campaigns, I have reached CTR as high as 14% and CPC as low as $0.11 on a targeted audience. Blog posts on my Wordpress site have also managed to acquire leads through social media targeting.




FB ad campaign optimised for traffic, targeting “Friends of people who are connected to FB page (excluding real estate agents).” CPC of $0.12, CTR of 6.08%


Apart from digital marketing, I forayed into establishing an offline presence as well.

Being part of a panel discussion on investing in 2019.