Anti-Cellulite Scrub Recipe


    Coffee Scrub Recipe


    If only all weekends were that good! With work left far away in the office, time to spare with loved ones comes a-knocking. And when your loved ones need some time to themselves, what is one to do? Well, here’s one thing you can try at home: make your own coffee body scrub!


    I found this recipe and decided to give it a go, especially since all the ingredients are natural, very affordable and so easy to find. To round it up for you, I used:

    • 1 cup raw sugar (a mix of white and brown)
    • 1 cup ground coffee
    • 4 tbsp 100% extra virgin olive oil
    • 10 tbsp 100% natural coconut oil
    • 4 tbsp sea salt


    This would give you four 5oz. (150ml) bottles of scrub, each about 3/4 filled (as shown in the picture above). I added a little more coconut oil than what the original recipe gave, because I wanted the scrub to be a little more moisturising. All the ingredients were specially sourced by me, especially the olive oil and coconut oil. Be careful though, of adding too much oil – you don’t want your scrub to end up being overly greasy.


    September 2, 2014 2 comments
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