ASOS Woven Cami Top

    How to Shop for Your First Real Leather Jacket by The Skinny Scout

    The thing about living in Singapore is that although it sure is hot as hell outdoors, it’s also crazily cold indoors. As we Singaporeans sometimes say, “The air con free one sia.” That literally means that the air conditioning is free-of-charge (not true), and figuratively – more exactly – means that it’s freezing cold.


    If you’ve ever taken the public transport at 6 in the morning, like I used to do, you’ll know that outerwear is definitely a must. And since camel coats are quite ridiculous in the humid climate here, the next best thing is a black leather jacket. A cardigan is powerless against the blasting cold air, while a pullover rarely looks appropriate unless you’re a varsity kid. That black leather jacket I mentioned? You need it in your capsule wardrobe, pronto.


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