Ayodya Resort Bali


    Ayodya Resort Bali Review


    Have you ever stayed in a resort so good that you just don’t know where to begin to describe it to people? That’s the fix I’m in right now. Granted, I’ve not stayed in many five star hotels but Ayodya Resort Bali was such a great experience that I wouldn’t hesitate to stay here again the next time I’m in Bali.


    This resort is currently ranked #14 out of 46 hotels in Nusa Dua on Tripadvisor. It doesn’t currently have a Certificate of Excellence by the travel site but I wouldn’t be surprised if it earns one soon enough. We booked a deluxe room via Booking.com, but the staff there made our stay even better when they gave us a free upgrade to a suite for our entire stay.



    Ayodya Resort Bali Review

    A volcano in the near distance, the gorgeous beach, an overly friendly squirrel and just so much space.


    The resort is located in south Kuta and faces the east. It’s great for catching the sunrise, though you won’t be the only one doing that. It’s address is Jalan Pantai Mengiat | PO Box 46Nusa Dua, Bali 80363, Indonesia (click on the link to see it on Google Maps). Getting there is pretty convenient – just take a plane to the airport in Denpasar and then hail a cab to take you directly to the resort. 


    If you ever find yourself wanting a unique experience, I highly recommend the Turtle Conservation and Education Centre (it’s just a short drive away). That’s where we adopted a one-month-old baby turtle, named her Lily and watched as she swam away into the ocean when we released her into her real home.


    Baby Turtle

    This is not Lily, but a barely one-day old baby turtle that had just hatched in the morning before we got to the centre. This little one and I, we definitely had a moment there.


    {I do know that the survival rate of turtles is pretty low, and that Lily may not still be alive today, but that’s nature. I do not believe that this centre is a scam or anything of the sort because they take very good care of all the turtles they have. The centre actively seeks to protect any wild ones that have strayed onto shore (especially if they’re injured from human trash), keeping them safe and in good hands until they are ready to be released again. The centre is run by volunteers who are passionate about what they do and who make sure to explain anything you want to know about turtles and the exploitation of these beautiful creatures. It’s free entry for everyone and any amount that you spend in the centre goes into the conservation work that they do there.}



    Ayodya Resort Bali Review

    The wonderful suite we got upgraded to.


    Our suite was nothing short of amazing. It had a guest restroom; a living area with a dining table (perfect for in-room dining), a work desk, a TV and sofa; a separate bedroom with another TV and dresser; a gorgeous bathroom with a separate shower and tub; and a balcony that stretches for the entire length of the room.


    Ayodya Resort Bali Review

    The spacious bathroom that’s got more than enough space for two people.


    Say, I don’t think I’ve ever stayed at a hotel that’s got a bottle opener inbuilt onto the walls of its bathroom – until now. If this isn’t luxury, I don’t know what is anymore. One thing though, the toilet bowls do get flooded or stuck from time to time but it’s a good thing there are two.


    Service - the Ayodya Palace

    The service is pretty decent. The staff is friendly and polite all the time, and nobody starts giving you looks when you, say, go for your third round of free crêpes during cocktail hour. The suites are located in the Ayodya Palace, where Palace guests have our own pool and beach chillout area, complete with beach towels and lounge chairs. Palace guests can check in and out at the Palace lounge, and there are also books and DVDs to rent if you just want to spend time in your room. To make things better, you also get free daily breakfast, free high tea in the afternoon and as I mentioned, there’s free cocktail in the evening too.


    Overall & Price

    The resort isn’t anything too expensive for a five-star accommodation (I wouldn’t otherwise have booked a room there). Although there are reviews by a handful of previous guests that there are better accommodation options out there in Nusa Dua, I find Ayodya Resort Bali to be pretty indulgent in its own way.


    The beach is peaceful but not completely quiet because you’ll hear the waves crashing some hundred metres away – and they don’t stop. There is a tide that comes and goes, and for the more adventurous, you can try windsurfing in the late afternoon. Although the sand on the beach isn’t white as snow, it’s after all still a private beach, which spans a large area. That’s only because the resort itself is huge. It’s so huge that you need to take some time to explore it. There are several pools, as well as a lagoon with some wildlife living in it. Scattered around are other lounge areas, restaurants, bars, pool tables and more. And did I mention the squirrels that would take food out of your own hand? OK I admit, I couldn’t resist saving a bun at breakfast each day for these furry creatures.


    Ayodya Resort Bali Review

    The resort’s iconic infinity pool.


    If you’re looking for some water activities, there is also a water sport station at one end of the resort. And if you would like someone to look after your child while you relax for a bit, there’s even a childcare corner with fun stuff for your kid to do or beds for your little one to nap in. In short, there is something for everybody.


    I definitely recommend this resort for its value for money, the facilities and the endless number of things you can do while you’re there.


    Spirited away,


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