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    Bar Cart Styling Introduction


    Moving into your own apartment is so tiring but it’s also so rewarding. You’ve got all these things, which you’ve accumulated over the years to pack, move and unpack into your new place; and there are tons of other adult stuff that you need to be responsible for. Like signing up for internet service that’s within your budget (preferably one that allows you to watch Netflix wherever you are), registering for a new billing account, getting new furniture, and deciding on the layout of your new space.


    Apart from realising you’re finally on your own, there’s also the independence and freedom to have guests over whenever you like. That’s when your collection of whisky, champagne and wine glasses get to be presented in all their glory.


    What better way to do that than to have your very own bar cart? Here are 7 gorgeous bar cart styles I’ve found, that could give you all the inspiration you need for your very first one.


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