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    Fitnatic Laura McPhail's Beauty Picks


    {I’m so excited to have Laura guest post today for The Skinny Scout. Laura is currently prepping for her first bikini competition – you should read about her transformation story, linked at the end of this post – and is sharing her beauty picks with us today. Hooray!}


    First off, I’d like to thank Roxanne for allowing me to guest post on The Skinny Scout. I’m getting ready to compete in my first bikini competition, so I’m in the gym 7 days a week. I’m there so often that the gym has literally become my home-away-from-home. In fact, my wardrobe now consists of more gym apparel than everyday casual wear.


    I like to start my day off with positivity, so I prefer to workout first thing in the morning. Being in my mid 30s, my face no longer has that morning dew/sun-kissed look that it did when I was younger. Nowadays, my face needs a little… ahem… shall I say encouragement.


    Since I am prepping for a bikini competition, my workout routine is a bit more intense right now. I don’t like to put on a full face of make up before going to workout for a few reasons:

    1. It feels heavy.
    2.  I’m most likely going to sweat it off.
    3. I feel like it clogs my pores.


    However, I don’t want to look like total death either, so I have come up with a nice compromise that helps me look fresh faced, but not too made up. Here are some of my favourite products to use:

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