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    The Basics of Blogging via The Skinny Scout

    {This post is dedicated to all the UK beauty bloggers who have inspired me to do what they do.}


    When I first started blogging, it was because I wanted to document my adventures and explorations in the beauty world. I wanted to share with anyone who was interested in beauty my finds and pretty product packaging. I wanted to talk about what worked for me and what didn’t, what I couldn’t live without and what the disappointing misses were. Beauty blogging began as a way for me to take note of ingredients that I would fall in love with, and ingredients that my skin should never get within a mile of. It was such a pretty, exciting project to embark on!


    But somewhere along the way, it seemed to lose the lustre it once had. It seemed like almost everybody was now a beauty blogger, and my content wasn’t exciting or special anymore. I was trying my very best to “keep up,” even though I knew that from the moment I signed my name on the dotted line to be a teacher several years ago, my blogging career would die. I should have trusted my gut feeling and focused instead on other things, such as making beauty blogging fun for me again, but I guess I’m not one to give up easily.


    That orange flame never came back. But in the past months, something else took its place – a cotton candy pink unicorn flame of fairy dust and gold shimmer.


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