Beard Grooming Tips

    Kenneth Lee on The Skinny Scout

    {I know some of you reading this blog are gents. That’s why when Kenneth and I decided to come together and guest post for each other, I knew his idea of taking care of his beard would be great for you! Kenneth was also a speaker at this year’s WordCamp conference and that’s how we met. So glad we hit it off – he’s such a nice guy. You can read all his lifestyle blog posts at 5meanders.}


    I’ve had my beard for almost 4 years now, and it’s been a blast. Growing a beard can really change how people view a guy, for better or for worse. After all, no one likes looking at an unkempt mass of hair on anyone’s face. That’s why most people I know have asked me if my beard is hard to maintain.


    Maintenance Issues

    I tend to equate a well-groomed beard to a woman’s mane. It requires 2 things: One-shot grooming for shape/style and daily care for upkeep purposes. The former is easy – Pick a good barber, and let him work his magic. The latter is definitely more tedious and time-consuming. That’s when bearded guys start to look more like hobos. But fear not, I’ve figured out a 7-minute morning routine that every guy can use!


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