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    Yes, you read that right. Our beloved online beauty store, BEAUTY.COM (and Drugstore.com) is shutting down for good. I haven’t been a frequent shopper on the site, but have definitely bought stuff from them in the past.


    I still remember the first time I discovered Beauty.com: it was around the time when people started doing sprees on LiveJournal. And now that they’re moving on to greener pastures (I believe), a part of the old me feels like it’s dying. All the history, my teenaged years, my first forays into the internet and online shopping… all gone just like that. Excuse me while I bawl my eyeballs out for a second.


    Anyhow, now that news has spread, I don’t see how Beauty.com will retract their statement and suddenly decide to not close down anymore. So we all might as well make good use of the opportunity and shop early for Christmas presents. Right? Christmas can never come too early.


    I’ve picked out some awesome products from the Beauty.com sale and am sharing them on the blog today. Almost all of them are on sale, regardless of whether it’s Urban Decay, Japonesque or Amazing Cosmetics. If I were you, I wouldn’t hesitate any longer.


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