can we trust blogs


    Are beauty blogs reliable?



    A while back, makeup artist and beauty blogger Renee wrote a blog entry asking if beauty blogs could still be trusted. In recent months, or maybe years, blogging has been put in the spotlight for the right and wrong reasons. Bloggers making a decent living out of sponsorships, non-disclosure of said sponsorships resulting in possible misperceptions, blatant lying, plagiarism and so on and so forth. Even our local government has stepped in with an attempt to regulate how bloggers work.


    But the thing is, what about you, the reader? How trusting are you? Do you do your background checks before buying into what a blogger says? Do you go back to believing a blogger if a product he or she has previously endorsed didn’t work out for you? You see, blogging works both ways, and ultimately, everyone has to be smart about it.


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