Chacott for Professionals


    Chacott Freed of London Mandarin Gallery


    Chacott Freed of London Mandarin Gallery

    Tutu of my dreams.


    I must admit, I know nuts about ballet. When I was a kid (say, around 10 years old), I’d scoff at all the girls who were part of the school’s dance team because I thought they were too gu niang (“ladylike,” for those of you who don’t really know singlish). Taking ballet lessons never crossed my mind and it was only when Billy Elliot came out that the world of ballet was introduced proper to me.


    Of course, to this day, vanity wins. I mean, why would I ever want my toes to be deformed and feet to suffer from blisters? Ballet is tough. Making it look perfectly graceful while controlling the muscles all over your body is even tougher. I’ll leave it to the professionals, thank you very much. And what do professionals deserve if not the best?


    I attended the official launch of Chacott Freed of London at Mandarin Gallery in Singapore earlier this month and was surprised to find that on top of tutus, pointes, ballroom dancing shoes and yoga wear, there is a complete range of Chacott for Professionals stage makeup too!


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