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    {I write this entry with this view over my shoulder, pensive over everything that has happened recently in the past year. This may be one of the most significant moments of my life. Maybe fate has a part to play in bringing me back, time and again, to the city of love. Who knows when I will see the tip of la Tour Eiffel again?}


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    Perhaps the one thing that completes a girl’s adventures in Paris is a visit to the House of Chanel located at its original location, 31 Rue Cambon, Paris. I had decided, from the very beginning, that this would be the most important thing on my itinerary for my short stay in Paris this year and I’m so glad I went ahead and did it, despite the rainy wintry weather.


    Armed with just some spare cash for a bag (more on that later), a vague memory of the Parisian map, some basic French and determination for a little thrill, I made my way into the metro and started out towards this coveted boutique. But then I got lost. I arrived at Concorde (metro station) and had remembered to walk away from Place de la Concorde, but silly me did not realise then, that there are four different directions to walk away in. So what would have taken probably 10 minutes took me about, say 50 minutes before I got to the boutique. Perhaps it was a blessing in disguise because otherwise, I wouldn’t have wandered along the streets of Paris for the sake of a vacation feel.


    Chanel at 31 Rue Cambon, Paris, via Rosebennet.


    The boutique itself stretches along the quaint little street, and Coco Chanel’s apartment lies just upstairs. On one end of the boutique is the famous flight of mirrored staircase. I can’t believe I actually saw it with my own eyes the moment one of the suited Chanel doormen opened the door for me. The stairs that Coco Chanel used to spy on her guests with. I was there!


    The spiral stairs, via ncries.


    From the beginning to the end of my short time in the boutique, I was nothing but excited. There were other tourists but it wasn’t too crowded, seeing that January isn’t the peak period for travel. As Les Soldes had started on this day, some items like cardigans were on sale but I wasn’t interested in them. I immersed myself in the flow of merchandise, from the famous tweed jackets (costing about 4340 Euros each), to flats, to embellished sandals, to winter coats, bags, accessories and more. Everything spelt beauty and elegance. The sales personnel were very polite, each one greeting me as I passed, and none followed me around like a vulture, a gesture which I greatly appreciated.


    Everything in the store was perfect. The service was excellent; I didn’t feel like I was being judged at all, unlike in some places where you get snooty sales assistants. The interior was elegant, it was spacious and there were lots of couches for you to rest on, while someone brought you a bag to look at or a piece of garment to try on. It was brightly lit and there were lots of mirrors, which made me confused once or twice. Yes, I’ll admit I walked into a mirror once; That should be proof enough how clean their mirrors are. Shelves lined the walls and display cabinets were placed here and there but in a way so that it doesn’t feel too cramped inside. If you needed any help, there were Chanel staff members standing patiently by the sides, waiting to serve you.


    I took my time exploring one end to the other, no one eyeing me suspiciously nor giving me a look that betrayed any form of dubiousness. Most of the items on display were the ones from the latest and more recent collections. I panicked slightly because the classic flap that I wanted wasn’t in sight. So I decided to ask for it from one of the staff, who politely told me that she wasn’t a sales assistant but would get one to serve me. A short while later, one of them moustache-y guys came and he stayed with me throughout the rest of my visit.


    I suppose if you want to visit the Rue Cambon boutique, you’ll need to know beforehand what exactly you’re looking for. I told Monsieur Moustache I wanted a 2.55 classic in beige clair and after asking me what size I wanted, he went in some door to check for stock. He returned with a large in lambskin (ohmygodsoluxurious) and gold hardware, as well as a small, also in lambskin but in silver hardware. I tried on both and although I originally wanted the small one, I felt it was too small and decided to get the larger one. Furthermore, the small one didn’t come in gold hardware at the moment (it was out of stock) and I don’t quite fancy the silver one. I asked for the large in caviar (this leather is more durable than lambskin) and he went back in the same door to check if they had it. Luckily for me, this day didn’t allow for a wasted trip! I got the jumbo flap in beige clair, caviar and gold hardware, and I think it was the last one they had! Just to try my luck, I asked if they had the same one in black but he told me that it was also out of stock. Me thinks it’s fate. And so, this was how I came upon my very first Chanel.


    The bag in another protective bag. On the inside, it has the signature of Karl Lagerfeld.


    My very first Chanel (Classic 2.55 Jumbo in Beige Clair, Caviar leather and Gold Hardware). I am in love!


    You can only imagine how happy I feel now. All that hard work in the past year has finally paid off. All those decisions I had made regarding my career and my life now seem worth it. This was what I wanted and now I have it. Nothing matters more than the fact that I earned this on my own and honestly, this feels so damn good. Everything. Everything can culminate in a Chanel.


    I also bought a little lip gloss at the boutique because I kind of wanted to stay in there a little longer and it was kind of nice having Monsieur Moustache serve me. Also, I’ve never really tried out Chanel’s makeup range (the only item I have from the brand is their eyeshadow quad) so I took the opportunity to do so. I came away with a lip gloss in 161 Bagatelle.


    The Chanel lip gloss in 161 Bagatelle.


    Overall, my shopping experience at Chanel, 31 Rue Cambon, was arguably the best and most memorable one of my life. Everything from the interior design, the boutique’s location, the crowd and the service to the products was perfect (I shall take this opportunity to thank Monsieur Moustache for getting me a plastic bag to protect my new haul from the rain when I left the store). I’ve never been a happier shopper, but this could also be due to me actually buying a Chanel. Anyhow, if you do have a Chanel of your own and would like to share it, feel free to do so here. I’d love to see your collections!




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