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    Daily Vanity Blogger's Party

    Are you vain? Every waking moment of your every day? If you answer yes, then congratulations! Hop on board, sista, you are just like me… and almost everyone else who can’t stand the wind blowing in all the wrong directions. And if you do revel in a good bargain when shopping, hey, where’s all mah soul sisters, lemme hear ya’ll flow sisters.


    Before you go gichie gichie yaya dada, check out the new e-store in town – Daily Vanity! Founded by sweet couple Keith Toh (handsome tech junkie) and Kristen Juliet Soh (gorgeous beauty blogger), DailyVanity brings tried and tested beauty products to us all at hugely discounted prices. Flash sales happen every week, where star products from reputable brands, such as SK-II and Philosophy, are up for grabs at prices much lower than what you’ll usually get in stores.


    I was invited to the blogger’s party, held at Le Noir in Singapore, to celebrate the launch of the store at the beginning of the month, and got to meet up with quite a few other bloggers, some of whom I’ve not met in quite a while!


    Daily Vanity Blogger's Party

    So very Sherlock Holmes-ey.


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