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    The Skinny Scout in Little Italy, NYC 2016

    Exploring Little Italy in New York.


    We’re in the midst of New York Fashion Week as you’re reading this, and it can’t be more exciting to hear about all the new collections strutted down the runways. There’s a part of me that wished with all its might that I were there, back in New York and a part of the crowd, immersing in all the energy that’s revolving around anyone with a name in the fashion industry. But there’s also a part of me that knows this would probably never happen – because I won’t ever be a fashion blogger.


    And the main reason for this is that I cannot, for the life of me, wear anything that goes beyond my mid-thighs paired with a sleeved top on a daily basis. Living in Singapore means you get scorching hot sun with cloudless blue skies one minute and a crazy downpour the next – and all of that in a day. I don’t sit in an office all day and be protected from these weather extremes. Neither do I have a car, nor take cabs often when I need to get to places. Instead, I wander out for work and chores like grocery shopping and what nots – and yes, I take the public transport (which means I sometimes need to run for that bus or bake under the sun while I wait for the lights to change). For someone like me who is hands-on in everything that I do, functionality in the way I dress is more important than anything else.


    I guess that could be why I’m resigned to fate. I’m so much more of a beauty person than a fashion person. While I probably wouldn’t recognise a new limited edition clutch from Valentino, I can tell you about SCENT OF A DREAM from the Charlotte Tilbury X Kate Moss collab. I just can’t help it! A beauty counter filled with rows and rows of eyeshadow pans can make my heart flutter more than a shelf full of Chanel Jumbos ever could. I suppose the vain queen in me will never be able to hold off looking into the mirror for long.


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