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    Simple Strobing Makeup Tutorial by Laced Ivory

    Hello, I got a tan!


    You’ve heard of highlighting and contouring but have you heard of strobing? It’s got nothing to do with photography, though it would make you look radiant in a photograph.


    Strobing is a recent makeup technique that bypasses contouring and focuses mainly on highlighting your facial features so that they “pop” in pictures to various degrees. Simply put, it is highlighting using highlighters with different intensities. For facial features that you want to pop out more in photos, you use a more intense highlighter; and for features that you don’t need to be so pronounced, you use a less intense highlighter or shimmer powder.


    In today’s strobing makeup tutorial, I show you how you can add some glow to your new summer tan in a few easy steps. The products used are listed below in the same order as they appear in the video.



    • Dior‘s Diorshow Forever Compact Foundation SPF 25 PA++
    • 3 Concept Eyes‘ Shimmer Glow Bloc
    • Guerlain‘s Meteorites Light Revealing Pearls of Powder
    • Urban Decay‘s Naked 3 Palette (available on Nordstrom here)
    • Heroine Make‘s Volume and Curl Mascara Super Water Proof
    • Faux Fayc‘s Fauxlash Mascara Duo Set
    • Sara Happ‘s The Pink Slip One Luxe Gloss (available on Nordstrom here, review here)


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