Ritz-Carlton Residences Singapore via The Skinny Scout

    You know how you write the title of a story first and then end up sitting on it for weeks because you don’t know how and where to begin? That’s what happened to me with this blog post. But I figured that if I didn’t start writing, nobody would ever find out about why I love real estate so much.


    It all happened by chance, really. I was helping a friend do up a marriage proposal video, and our conversation turned into what else I could do besides running TrouvĂ©e.Co, giving private Chemistry classes and going for French lessons. Don’t get me wrong – one business already kept me on my toes all the time. But, being the overly-ambitious person that I am, I’m never satisfied with those little pockets of time where I have absolutely nothing to do (they don’t happen often, and I’m aware this is a huge problem of mine).


    So fast forward to today, after all the crazy schedule with night classes, more studying and finally passing the exam, here I am. A 100% certified real estate salesperson who’s also running her own online jewellery business – and I can’t be happier!


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