Innisfree Jeju House Fresh Topping Pack


    Innisfree Jeju House Green Tea Plantation


    The best thing to do when missing a place you’ve recently travelled to is to explore another place. I know right now, being in New York is completely far off from anything Korean but it’s only fitting that this be my last post on our recent trip to Korea while I’m trying my hand at liking bagels.


    One of the main beauty items I was crazily stocking up on while in Korea was the Innisfree Jeju House Fresh Topping Pack. You might have seen me rave about it on my haul video here. I love this mask so much and I’m so afraid that I would finish it up, so I haven’t dared to open a tub yet. In any case, I’m sure that time will come soon enough!


    Innisfree Jeju House Fresh Topping Pack

    A snap shot of the Fresh Topping Pack bar at the store in Samcheongdong, previously seen in my blog entry on Seoul here.


    Because this product range is so exclusive, you can only find it in two physical places in the world. One is the Innisfree Jeju House store at Samcheongdong in Seoul, Korea. The other one is at the Innisfree Jeju House main store at Jeju, Korea. I can’t say for online shops, but you definitely get the real deal in these two locations.


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