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    Roxanne at Laced Ivory

    When life happens, you just got to roll with it.


    My goodness, it’s already May. Where did all that time go? Slow down, I’m not ready to celebrate my next birthday yet.

    But of course, who am I kidding. Time never slows down. Tick tock, tick tock, it goes on and on. And in the midst of our busyness from day to day, there are many things we forget. Things like calling a friend up for coffee, sitting down to read a good book by your favourite author (Neil Gaiman I’m looking at you) and watering the bouquet of peonies we placed in the living room. So here are 10 interesting Instagram hashtags that I recently discovered, which I think you should check out to remind yourself to sometimes just take it slow.


    1.  #nothingisordinary




    In life, if you truly and fully experience it, nothing is ordinary indeed. If you just slow down and let life infiltrate your veins, you’ll find magnificence in the littlest things.


    2.  #theartofslowliving




    Take some time out when you need to. Recharge, breathe and maybe do some yoga by the beach. Living life slowly is an art which escapes most, and I hope you do find the time to just reflect upon your life and reassess where you’re headed.


    3. #aquietstyle




    There’s a reason movie stills have great success in evoking emotions. Pause. Stare. Feel. And listen to your heartbeat.


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