Manus X Machina Exhibition at MET


    Manus X Machina Exhibition at the Met by The Skinny Scout

    Just two of the many gorgeous pieces in the exhibition.


    Not too long ago, I wrote about how I would never be a fashion blogger. It still stands true today, of course, because I strongly believe that fashion should be for everyone and not just a selected few (so until that time comes, I suppose I’m better off sticking to beauty).


    That the Manus X Machina exhibition at the MET when I visited New York in August this year was open for everyone bears testimony to it. And it was such a beautiful experience for me to be able to see up close all the gorgeous pieces that were on display, and to appreciate the work, effort and design that went into making each and every one of them. It was also very humbling to be in the presence of pieces that were way older than me – think 1920s.


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