Purple Hair Inspiration


    Purple Hair Inspiration


    I haven’t always had hair this crazy. I never used to like having my hair dyed but #YOLO came along and I realised that if I didn’t try and do it now, I might regret it when I’m 80 and bald. I know there are always wigs out there that are very convincing but nothing beats having your hair free in the wind and not having to worry about it flying off your head. Besides, nobody likes an oily, sweaty scalp in humid Singapore.


    So I took the chance when Jean asked if I wanted to get my hair done at Le Jean Hair & Beauty Salon in exchange for a hair magazine photoshoot. The last time I got it trimmed was probably six months ago anyway. And after 6 hours at the salon, my red-hot pink-purple-blue-green-brown-ash hair was ready.


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