Rebak Island Resort

    I recently spent a few days at Langkawi, Malaysia, and stayed at the wonderful Rebak Island Resort. Not only is the 5-star resort the only one on Rebak Island, it’s also nestled in the home of some really cool wildlife. The service there was great the whole time I was there and the atmosphere was relaxing, calm and peaceful. It’s easy to get around the island and do some exploring, as the resort offers free bicycles to guests. Booking day tours is made convenient at the Activities Desk and organised tours take care of you right from the island’s jetty throughout the tour. You never have to worry about getting lost or stranded in the middle of travelling from say, one port to a tour destination, as there’s always someone to pick you up to wherever you are headed to.


    Here are some pictures I took during my stay, and more description about the time I spent at the resort.


    Welcome to our humble abode.


    Our room faced the garden and this was our patio that we didn’t use.


    A closer look at the balcony. Fit for two.


    Huge poster bed!


    A work desk. No good for blogging on a Macbook because the LAN cable isn’t compatible with it.


    Flat screen TV on which we watched some of the London Olympics events, like the marathon on the final night. The fan didn’t work though.


    The beautiful bathroom with a marble counter top! I’m taking the picture from the enclave that I’ll be mentioning about later on.


    There were also supplies like toothbrushes, toothpaste and body lotions.


    Not only was the bathroom spacious enough to hold a bathtub, it also had a rain shower. Bliss.


    Now that you’ve seen pictures of the room, let me tell you a little more about it. First of all, it’s spacious. Very. It’s actually more like a chalet than a hotel room. In between the main sleeping area and the bathroom is a little enclave that houses a full-length mirror and a couple of closets. Even more interesting is the fact that this enclave isn’t separated from the bathroom! So it’s kind of like a dressing area inside the bathroom. When I book hotels for vacays, I always always always look at the bathrooms first. If they aren’t up to my girly standards, I say no to them immediately. The bathroom at our Rebak Island Resort room made me feel clean and comfy and the best part was this: During times when the resort was quieter, such as in the evenings or early mornings, I could hear the gentle beach waves from it! Now, you imagine soaking up in the bathtub to the genuine sound of waves!


    The most important thing apart from our room: The restaurant.


    The aglio olio I had for lunch on our first day there. A little too spicy for my liking, but then I have a very low tolerance for spiciness. Otherwise, it’s really yummy!


    The food at the resort is a little expensive but when you’re stuck on the island, I don’t see any other choice unless you evilly hunt down the protected monitor lizards. There’s also a BBQ grill restaurant but I’m not really a fan of BBQ. Price aside, the quality of the food is great and there wasn’t anything that I didn’t like. We ordered room service on our second night there and a little disappointingly, the ice cream in our dessert had slightly melted by the time it got to us. The brownie was still good nonetheless! They have buffet dinners on some nights and that was good too, with an interesting variety, though nothing Michelin-like. My favourites were the thin crust vegetarian pizza and the potatoes!


    The view from the outdoor area of the restaurant. The little red “cocoons” are free, of course, and this entire area (on top of the resort’s main lobby, beach front and restaurant) has wifi. Spot the pool bar!


    A closer look at the pool bar, which closes at 6pm.


    The Andaman Sea and nearby islands beyond the resort’s boundaries.


    As mentioned earlier, the service in the resort was excellent. All the service staff were friendly and almost always had smiles on their faces. Even over the phone, they sounded chirpy and happy. They drove us to and fro our room with buggies whenever they saw us walking somewhere on the pathways. Once, they even cutely folded my boyfriend’s shirt that was laying around when they cleaned our room up:


    How’s this for thoughtful cuteness?


    I really enjoyed my stay at the Rebak Island Resort and would definitely recommend it to anyone heading to Langkawi for a beachy getaway. There are other parts of the resort that I haven’t featured but I’ll leave that up to you to experience. Do keep in mind that mosquitoes and sandflies exist, and though there are mosquito repellents in each room, I’d advise you to bring along an insect repellent spray. Those anti-mosquito patches I brought along didn’t work. All in all, thank you to the wonderful staff at the resort. If I ever go to Langkawi another time, I’ll be sure to stay there again!





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