Riding Mountain National Park

    Canada and the New Me

    by Roxanne C.
    The Skinny Scout Canada 2018

    I can’t believe it took me 6 months to finally admit I was waaaay overworked and burnt out from… everything! The last time I travelled was last December, and we got back from that trip to Singapore in early January this year. I remember so clearly that I had absolutely no clue as to what I was going to do with my life then, no clue what was going to happen to Trouvée.Co, no clue how the real estate career would be like and no clue as to what our futures held. In short, CLUELESS was the word.


    See, 7 months later, things have changed! We got engaged, I switched companies and made my first sale in real estate (oh boy what an experience that was), created my real estate YouTube channel (more videos that are currently up on the FB page will be added when I’m finally back at work), brought Trouvée.Co to her first 4-figure month and finally went on a trip to Canada.


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