Rose Hermes Lipbalm

    Hermes Lipstick Rouge Hermes & Rose Hermes

    I am in love! If there’s one thing that never fails to get me excited, it’s new makeup. New as in, newly bought.

    There aren’t many reviews of the Hermes lipsticks around, so I thought I’d do it. I bought a Rouge Hermès Satin Lipstick and a Rose Hermès Rosy Lip Enhancer off the Hermès Singapore website. I had been surfing around online and was surprised to find that Hermès had a local online boutique that offered free delivery. I bought my stuff from there, hoping to receive some cool orange Hermès box but it wasn’t to be. Turns out that fragrances and makeup don’t come with that (it’s stated on the website but I wanted to try my luck), so feel free to order off any site that is a better deal for you (membership perks, free shipping etc). I personally prefer Harrods and Selfridges.

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