Roxanne Chia on The Skinny Scout

    Whoosh! Blink and before you know it, it’s almost Christmas. Apart from gift shopping (for others and myself), just what have I been up to the last few months and what does that have to do with today’s photo? Here’s a quick breakdown of my activities:

    • working on TrouvĂ©e.Co (new Insta Shop now up!)
    • taking night courses (more on this below!) from Monday to Friday for a month, on top of teaching private classes and learning French weekly
    • got stressed over my students’ exams in the beginning of October
    • studied like the nerd that I am for my own exam at the end of October
    • took a trip to Kuala Lumpur right after my major exam
    • passed my exam (what a ride)


    So what exam was this? It all started one night when I was having a quiet time with myself, where I decided on my balcony overlooking the skyline of downtown Singapore, that I was going into real estate. Something within me told me that this was what I was going to be great at and that it was time for me to do it. The feeling of assuredness was sudden and immense, and I knew immediately that there was no questioning this decision.


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