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    Tarte Holiday 2013 Collection

    The only tarts I know are the kind that girls love to eat and then chid themselves after having done so. Apple, lemon meringue, strawberry, custard. The list goes on but now there’s a new tart in town – Tarte Cosmetics! Perhaps the only thing this newbie has in common with the rest is that it’s cruelty-free. That’s assuming the act of harvesting fruits and preheating ovens doesn’t result in the maiming of our furry friends.


    Since we’re on the topic of tarts, I wonder what kind people usually make during Christmas. Any tart would be fine by me, actually, though my favourite would be something lemony. Have that together with a piping hot cup of tea, snuggled in the couch with a loved one, while snowflakes fall gently down on the window pane and bells jingle softly in the distance.


    In a parallel universe, I would, still, be having a lemony tarty, but this time, I’ve also got a table-full of Tarte Cometics’ makeup to play with. Now how about their Holiday 2013 Collection?


    Tarte Holiday 2013 Collection

    The Tarte Holiday 2013 Collection.


    Tarte Holiday 2013 Collection

    A cute woven pouch, part of the Tarte Holiday 2013 Collection.


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