by Roxanne C.

I founded Trouvée.Co in 2016 as an online retail store for gemstone jewellery, with the believe that jewellery should be timeless, affordable and available for all. With the experience gained from blogging, I was able to turn this small business into a profitable one.

Trouvée.Co’s sales are driven solely from marketing efforts in social media, influencer and email marketing. With Mailchimp, Trouvée.Co’s email campaigns have an open rate of 22.5% and click rate of 2.6% for a current base of 368 subscribers. In July – December 2018 alone, I achieved an ROAS of 256%. Today, I continue to work on improving this ratio.

My work has allowed me to explore:

  • Facebook advertising
  • Instagram advertising
  • Shopify backend
  • Kit & Shoelace Retargeting App
  • Email marketing & automation via Mailchimp (cart abandonment, new user signup, newsletters, customer re-engagement)
  • Influencer outreach
  • Use of scheduling tools (Later)
  • Product & portrait photography
  • Planning of marketing campaigns
  • Blogging as a means of SEO
  • Videography


Page layout/website design (mobile responsive), copy writing, photography, editing & videography.


817 followers, 84% women, 25-44 yrs

Instagram Campaign 1:

Instagram ad campaign optimised for engagement on FB and IG, targeting website visitor lookalike audience in Singapore. CPC of $0.12, CTR of 7.49%.

Instagram Campaign 2 (A/B Testing):

Instagram ad campaign optimised for traffic on IG, A/B test on creative, targeting past customers lookalike audience in Singapore. CPC of $0.46, CTR of 3.72%.


Labour Day 2020 sale campaign with gif banner. Avg order value of S$125 achieved.

Email Workflow based on “List Added Date”:

Email Workflow based on “Lapsed Customer”: