still in lyon

by Roxanne C.

hi everyone! i hope you are having fun celebrating christmas this year! i’m still in lyon at the moment and we’re going to the mountains later this afternoon. i can’t wait, i’ve never done any winter sports! =)

the past few days have been awesome and i really wish i can stay forever! lol. haven’t gone out exploring the city and all that since we’ve only really had time for all the family christmassy stuff. haven’t gone shopping either, except for presents and groceries. it’s been busy busy busy ever since i got here and now we have a short break.

hmm, i’m going to try and get the recipe for caldis, the yummy thing that loick and chloe made for the dinner on xmas eve (it’s awesome). oh oh! new news! i ate escargots!!!! muahahaha! and the best thing is that i love it! ils ressemblent à des champignons. trés bien, je pense!

we watched avatar the movie in 3d last night too. first time in a cinema in france for me! =) i loved the show. chloe says neytiri reminds her of me.

ok, i gotta go. see you soon and in case i don’t get to blog before, happy new year in advance!

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Angel_Ivy December 29, 2009 - 2:35 pm

Enjoy your holiday! Post your updates here ya. Cheers!

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