we’re in alpe d’huez!

by Roxanne C.

hey everyone again! this time i’m saying hi from the french alps! we’re now in alpe d’huez, one of the resorts in the mountains. it’s our third day here and today the weather is a little warmer than normal, so it’s raining. i’ve been skiing everyday since we got here and i must say i really love it! skiing is sooo fun!

we have this cosy little holiday apartment and i’ll post pictures after i’m back in singapore. our window just beside our bed has a view of a part of the mounatains and it’s gorgeous! from our bed we can see the slopes, chair lifts, other apartments… amazing! the little town here is nice too.

hmm, i don’t know what we’ll be doing today. it’s raining and my knee aches a little so i don’t feel like skiing much. maybe shopping! well i’ll see. hope everyone has plans for the countdown to the new year!