in paris!

by Roxanne C.

hey hey! today was quite eventful! we went to the louvre and to the eiffel tower! i’m glad we managed to take pictures WITH the tower this time! =) i’m so happy to be here. i don’t want to go back to singapore. really, i don’t. singapore sucks. it’s sad that i only have 1 more day left here and i’ve a meeting on the very day i get back to work. argh. i hate singapore!!!

anyway, today was really fun even though it was soooooo cold. i hope tomorrow will be better! haven’t gone shopping yet, and i don’t know if i will manage to get things for those of you who have requested stuff and if i don’t, i’d like to apologise now! i know i’ve been in france for 2 weeks, but i’ll only probably spend 1 day shopping! sheesh. i haven’t even bought anything for myself!

ok, i guess i’ll try to get warm again. this apartment is really cosy. =)