christmas in lyon

by Roxanne C.

hi everyone! i can finally blog! the bad news is that i’m sick with the flu and i probably can’t blog very well but i’m going to try and put as much as i can in here for your reading pleasure.

i got to lyon, xav’s hometown, immediately after touching down in paris. we missed the first train because my luggage took forever to arrive on the belt so we had to get tickets for the next one. really expensive, those first class tickets. they were the only ones left available for that day. when we got to lyon, we went to la part dieu, a shopping mall. there were more presents to be bought for christmas a few days later.

christmas itself was fun! we didn’t have a christmas eve countdown. instead, dinner that night was awesome. everyone made something for the “potluck” and xav and i made pad thai, which turned out successful!

an alcoholic drink concocted by xav’s dad. that’s sugar, not salt, and it was yummy.

caldis (the pastry thingy you see) was superb!

i almost tried oysters. until xav showed me they were still alive till the moment you add lemon juice on top.

feuilletes d’escargots. superb too!!!

we played pictionary in french on christmas day to see who got to open their presents. it was fun! =) and for the record, i didn’t use a dictionary! we had turkey for lunch too.

nice christmas tree and presents.

chloe doing the final touches on the pommes dauphines that xav prepared.

that evening, we all went to watch avatar in 3d. my first time in a french cinema! we watched the original version of the film that was in english. i liked the movie!

the ferris wheel that’s put out specially for christmas every year.

the queues at the cinema.

i had a great time at lyon and i’d love to go back again! i didn’t have time to do any shopping while i was there even though there were h&m and sephora. xav and i did quite a bit of grocery shopping for the others as well as ourselves too, for ingredients to make that evening’s dinner.

next entry coming up: my stay at alpe d’huez. keep a lookout!