some girly stuff

by Roxanne C.

the weekend is half gone! *sobs* anyway, today was a good day. my sister’s f21 package from a spree arrived this morning and in it was a really pretty mesh bow wallet in grey. apparently, my sister had thought it to be cream and didn’t really take a fancy to it. so she gave it to me! omg! so happy! i can finally throw away my laopok black men’s wallet and use a pretty girly wallet!

f21 metal mesh bow wallet.

i love my new wallet! totally unexpected surprise. i love nice, girly surprises! the wallet can be found at the f21 website here.

the other day at duty free on my way to paris, i bought a set of clinique moisture surge extended thirst relief, moisture surge face spray thirsty skin relief and a mini version of their moisture surge extra refreshing eye gel. the saleslady was nice enough to give me a sample of the dramatically different moisturising gel in a small tube.

clinique dramatically different moisturising gel (ddmg).

clinique moisture surge extended thirst relief.

many people are wrong about the ddmg. it’s not a moisturiser. it is, in fact, what you apply on your face before your moisturiser goes on. it helps to keep your skin matte and also aids your skin in absorbing your moisturiser. anyway, i love these new products that i got. they really work! ok, maybe it’s because i’m taking the pill, which everyone knows is for a great complexion. but for the time i was in france, my skin didn’t have the usual peel-and-flake-like-crazy when it met the cold and dry climate. and i didn’t break out either.

on my way back to singapore, i decided to drop by the duty free store again and bought the clinique exfoliating scrub.

clinique exfoliating scrub.

i’m glad that i bought it! i tried it out yesterday and it didn’t turn my skin red or patchy or itchy or tingly… i didn’t have an allergic reaction to it. it’s got a bit too much menthol for my liking, and therefore it’s not a good idea to put some near the eye area. i love the little bits in the scrub! i’ve been looking for a scrub like this for a really long time (the one from skinfood that i have is more of a mask-cum-scrub)! i’ll most probably get it again once i finish the tube i have.

oh i love clinique.

today, i’ve been busy unpacking the rest of my luggage and getting my application ready for submission. now i’ve got to get a cheque for 200 euros ready as well as 4 passprot photos. argh. passport photos. such troublesome things! i’ve to take like, half an hour to doll up just to spend 5 minutes to take a photograph. and i have a fat face.

and i’m still jet lagged. otherwise, why would i sleep at 11pm, wake up at 3am, fall asleep again at 5.30am and wake up again at noon? has been happening for three nights in a row now! hope i won’t wake up tonight again!