chanel transfer tattoos, spring 2010 collection

by Roxanne C.

so this morning i got on the train to work and i was three stops away from my destination when i suddenly broke out in cold sweat and had the urge to puke. i almost did. i alighted one stop before outram and went to find a toilet. but i had felt a bit better by then and did not puke. so i continued on my way to work. but at work, the puking urge came back again so i decided to leave and visit the doctor.

anyway, i’m home, rested a little and my tummy still feels weird. i don’t know why and i hate it! stomach flu? i’m not sure. but this morning in the train, some stupid guy had such a strong detergent smell on his clothes that really made my condition even worse. i hate hate hate having to smell other people!!!!! argh!

ok, so back to the topic as stated in the title. chanel has launched their own temporary tattoos! as seen on the runway of their spring 2010 collection! they are so pretty!


i’m so tempted to get them! they will retail as a package of 55 different designs under the name of Les Trompe L’œil de Chanel and go for £49. expensive? you tell me. but as far as chanel goes, i think the price is probably worth it.