the yearnings of a damsel

by Roxanne C.

what agony it is

to be greatly longing.

such foolishness to perdure

this ceaseless sojourn.

where are you,

my ares, my mars?

your aphrodite, your venus

can hold out no more.

my mind conceives such haunting chimeras;

nightmarish delusions, macabre concoctions;

courting my consciousness into irrevocable insanity.

the angst that brims over my shell

pours out creepingly into sagacity.

how ludicrous those fears may seem

of me begone before you’re seen,

or of your demise in merciless bloodshed,

whenceforth no moment will ever be perfect.

come back to bed

to soothe my soul;

to rid my distress,

to banish my woe.

oh come back to bed,

my ares, my mars.

or i’ll seal my fate

where ever you are.

penned by yours, truly.