did you hear about the morgans

by Roxanne C.

i went to catch a chick flick yesterday after work.

i haven’t seen a movie… oh wait. i just saw one during christmas. well anyway, i haven’t seen hugh grant ever since music and lyrics and i like watching him on screen! the enticing british accent! and i think my boyfriend looks like him too. hee hee hee.


the movie itself wasn’t fantastic. there wasn’t much of a plot and i felt that the scenes didn’t really flow well. and i don’t get the “oh my god it’s sarah palin” part. and by that, i mean i don’t see the point. enlighten me somebody please? but the eye candy makes up for that. i know, i don’t usually look out for guys but you know… he (when he was much younger) looks like my boyfriend (especially in “sense and sensibility”)!!! hee hee hee.

in other news, today is an important day. i’ve just submitted my tender letter and it’s now fully, totally, completely and newly official: my effective date will be the 17th feb of this year. i don’t know what i feel exactly right now because i’m too hungry to feel anything else. i was sooo nervous for like, 40 minutes before the deed itself and now i’m just relieved. might end up working part time there after the tender, but i’ll see how things go.

anyway, i really need to find some time to get some things done. namely, i need to go to the bank to get my 200 euros cheque for my application fee, take passport-sized photos, photocopy my passport and go to the post office after everything is done. oh my! to the bank! where will i find time for that except on saturdays!

and i’m also really considering going to freddy for a while before the term starts, if i get accepted at all. alright, i shall leave it at that.