bitching time – a letter

by Roxanne C.

dear lady in the train,

i know you are busy with work. and maybe you have a family to look after. little kids that need running after, feeding, diaper change or school work revision. or maybe it’s the household chores you have to do, like washing the shit stains off your husband’s underwear. or maybe you are hard for cash, in which case, you should seriously consider a promotion or a change of job.

but having such dark curly, unruly, dry hair all over the place is not a nice sight. it makes me think that you look like a walking headful of pubic hair and now everyone knows you don’t shave. i don’t even want to begin looking at your legs. luckily though, you are wearing pants. you walk like you are going in for the gangster fight with your rivals. but honey, looking like that, i think everyone is your rival.

your dress sense is normal, just like everyone else. your complexion is ok too. it’s just the hair, you know? do you even comb it? when was the last time you pampered yourself and visited the salon? do you even know salons still exist ever since you had the last perm? or have you even heard of this thing called conditioner? what about hair masks or treatments?

i’m always intrigued by people like you. it’s like i need to know the underlying reason for such eyesores. are you even aware of how terrible you look?

well i hope someone knocks some sense into your head. good luck with that though, since it has such a thick layer of protection all around it.

p.s. i don’t see how yummylicious you get can with that dried bush of hay.

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Supia Chao January 25, 2010 - 11:20 am

cute post. Have a nice day!

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