why i love pilates

by Roxanne C.

i discovered this form of exercise by chance when i was still studying in university. my girl friends and i came across this booth put up by a campus club called “pretty fit,” which organised classes like dance (eg. salsa, rnb), yoga and pilates for girls. because of our schedules and availability, we picked the pilates course and man am i glad we did (i’d originally wanted salsa but now i think maybe it’s a good thing we didn’t go for that because i could’ve ended up dancing with a really gross guy for the whole semester).

i love pilates and i really wish everyone can pick this up! here are some reasons:

1) you can do this indoors, even in air conditioned rooms as long as you have a mat. you don’t need to do it in the sweltering heat nor near any roads (joggers… bleah) so you don’t breathe in polluted air. you also don’t need to pay for gym membership.

2) it’s relatively easy to pick up and the steps are not difficult.

3) there are different levels of difficulty for pilates and therefore anyone and everyone can do it.

4) you tone up your muscles without building body mass (my favourite reason).

5) pilates focuses on core strengh – your abdominal muscles and your backbone (spine). thus, this improves your posture a whole lot. and… abs abs abs!

6) it helps to prevent future injury and helps ease back pains.

7) it increases body awareness. after doing pilates for a while, you’ll notice which part of your body needs more attention, which parts aren’t doing so well.

8) you feel fit and healthy after a workout.

9) it helps to shape your body and girls, you’ll start to see the difference between your waist and your hips. =)

10) you just feel more attractive after. plus, people’s reaction when you tell them you do pilates is priceless. lol!

so yeah… just felt like sharing.

anyway, met up with some friends from my primary school class for breakfast today. it was nice! there’s still so much we can talk about even after all these years. i’m sure that stands for something. =) oh yes, and i’m really loving my freshkon contact lenses!

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