my own reality show

by Roxanne C.

the amount of funds received by haiti as of tuesday was $783m, not including international aid pledges. i read that on cnn. then i started to wonder and i had a very interesting thought (ok, at least i think it’s interesting)!

people like watching reality shows right? and people love watching reality shows that have stupid people in them making fools out of themselves right? so. imagine. people from all over donating some money and such to one particular “show” and in this show, a random person is selected to be the recipient of all this cash. he or she can choose to spend it in whatever way he or she wants to, whenever and however and where ever… you get the gist. and he or she is filmed and documented in order to see how the money is spent.

maybe this $700-odd million will be enough for someone to live the rest of his or her life worry-free and maybe even pay for their grand children’s pension. that kind of person will not qualify for the show and therefore there must be questionnaires to fill up before the participant is selected. you know, so you can see if you will create a good or bad show.

a smart guy will take the money and invest in property that will not depreciate over time. like chateaux, for example. a dumb guy will invest in pimped up cars that no one else will want to buy in a few years, even if they cost 1 cent. guys would be more interesting to watch because they will spend money on things like lap dances at bars, expensive world cup finals tickets, extravagant cars, hot models, the newest tech stuff on the market every month… and the stupid guys will also spend money on, on top of those mentioned, big companies and will then cause the death of those money-making biggies because they don’t know how to run businesses and are always with their hot model-cum-lap dancers (ha ha ha pun).

a girl will take the money and also go shopping and do other fun stuff like attend fashion shows, attend exclusive branded product launches, go shopping (!!!) and the dumb ones will get plastic surgeries until they can’t get any more and look like crap. omg. this show will run for ages! hahaha!

imagine what you can do with all that money! buy yachts, throw parties, go crazy, go on holidays and stay at six senses all the time, hire servants… i don’t know… when you get to the most of everything, what else can you do? buy cows and learn how to milk them in holland? buy farms and detergent and hire cleaners to clean your farm everyday?

oh oh. the dumb ones will also be cheated of their money! i’m sure of that. it just depends on how creative the cheats are.

anyway i’m sure this is good gossip fodder! and viewers can also learn alot of lessons from watching the one with all the money. maybe they’ll learn that money does make the world go round. maybe they’ll see the evils of the dollar. i’m sure someone will learn not to be equally stupid (if it happens) and make mistakes that result in million-dollar losses. oh. if the rich person ends up in debt and hangs himself… i think then the show will have run its course. ha ha!

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Isaac January 26, 2010 - 6:56 pm

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