sales ahoy!

by Roxanne C.

an interesting start to today! first up, there are two big sales going on this weekend, so babes, get your purses ready! don’t spend money on your cappuccinos and expensive italian dinners! for here comes kate spade and kate loves heels! just realised both are “kate”s. haha.

kate spade sale.

kate loves heels. remember to rsvp. a bigger picture of this einvite can be found surrealistlovescene.

had my small dose of cnn this morning too, and on the news was the death of a fourth grader in texas. he had committed suicide. hanged himself in the toilet. suicide! not even ten years old! what is the world coming to? gosh!

anyway i celebrated my birthday yesterday after work with a dinner at earle swensen’s at vivo city with my aunt, god mother, siblings and my sister’s boyfriend. walked around for a bit after that and found out that tangs was having a sale for their shoes!!! got a pair of sandals for less than $20. citibank credit card members get an additional 5% off! hurry down there!

returned home to find two teddys waiting for me on the table. they had shirts on that said “missing you” and “happy birthday.” from my man. he couldn’t decide which of the two to send me, so he sent me both! hmm. maybe if he wants to buy me a ring and he can’t decide, he will buy me two diamonds too! ha ha ha. what, can’t i dream?

anyway my right eye is all weird today. i can’t see clearly from most angles and there is something in it! argh. annoying.

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kisahsensasi January 27, 2010 - 10:29 am

Yeah…. let's go shopping….

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