some updates

by Roxanne C.

i love fridays because i get off work half an hour earlier than normal. not having enough sleep this week is taking its toil on my health and i can feel the much-dreaded sore throat coming back. i hate having a sore throat! i hate not being healthy! oh well. very tempted to order pizza for dinner tonight. too tired to go get some food myself, and don’t even mention cooking noodles.

actually i’m still excited about my new purchase yesterday. why do i have to wait for a whole month! that’s too long! argh. that will be after cny and nobody else will get to see my sparkly sparkly new friends! =(

by the way, i’m in love with google translate. it’s awesome. i actually get to learn french from it by translating the emails that i’ve written in english! lol. it’s also awesome because it can translate whole chunks of words at a time, and even a whole webpage. ok, i’m suaku right.

i just sent an email and was hoping to get a reply soon but then i realised it’s lunch time in france now. and everybody knows that lunch time in france is 2 hours long. so… i can probably take a nap, have dinner and shower before i get something in my inbox. argh, screw this time difference!

omg. conversation with my sis (in singlish):

sis: eh, so how? (referring to how we’re going to get dinner)

me: do you want pizza?

sis: two of us only. can finish meh?

me: can keep what.

sis: keep not nice already.

me: huh… then how?

sis: i anything.

me: huh, then pizza lah.

sis: don’t want lah, so ex!

me: then how? what you want?

sis: i anything.

me: wah lao i ask you you want pizza you say don’t want then i ask how then you say anythiiiiiiiiingggg!!!!!!!!!!! *grumble* *grumble*

we ended up ordering macs. well you have to admit that fast food is awesome because it’s fast, convenient and you don’t have too many choices to choose from, which can be tiring and frustrating if you’re starving.