hung over

by Roxanne C.

went to party at st james yesterday with a few friends. nothing exciting really happened, nothing gossip-worthy. i had too many to drink. merlioned at 9.40 in the morning after. proceeded to have a hangover and a tummy that wouldn’t stop rumbling inside. uncomfortable. went on to spend the whole sunday sleeping in my room and now i’m awake, but actually it’s because i had to have dinner. thinking of going back to bed but i’ve an article due tomorrow that i haven’t started on yet. not my fault, because some annoying pr people do not reply messages and take forever to get back to us whether they want to be featured in the article. argh. annoying and stupid too. and so, i don’t know if i should even write my article now in case they tell me that they want to be featured after i’m finished with it.

ok, going to wash up and probably going to bed. don’t feel 100% alive lol! still, i can’t believe how much i had to drink yesterday. will blog about it with pictures as soon as i can! and oh my, this week is going to be hell week and i’ve to find a day when i can get to campus and collect my more-than-required referee letters! =)

Don’t stop, make it pop

DJ, blow my speakers up

Tonight, I’mma fight

‘Til we see the sunlight

Tick tock, on the clock

But the party don’t stop no

Woah-oh oh oh

Woah-oh oh oh

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Eu Jin January 31, 2010 - 10:08 pm

Dragonfly? Gosh, I miss that place….

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