bunions bunions go away, don’t ever come back again

by Roxanne C.

i am swearing off heels for a while. i think my bunions are getting worse. they are just starting to make themselves heard and i don’t want to make it worse. it’s not bad, actually. i just don’t want to risk it. i think all the shoes i’ve been wearing to work have made the bunions grow because i end up with a sore big toe after work every single day. that’s why i’ve been wearing sandals ever since last week and will continue to do so. i’ve got a pair of closed toe shoes placed under my desk on standby, for when i need to go to the lab.

rene caovillac in beige velvet.

christian louboutin platform pump.

marc jacobs peep toe.

i think the beauty in some things lie in the fact that you can’t have them. oh what torture.

all pictures taken from polyvore.