another short hiatus

by Roxanne C.

i’ve been so busy chasing rabbits.

of course, you should know that “rabbits” here refer to “seconds”. seconds as in time. i’ve been up to the brim with things i can hardly breathe! i’ve finally figured out which 6 courses i wanna take in the first semester of my masters (if i get to do it) and that took me like, for-e-ver! i had to factor in whether i like the topics or not as well as the fact that the lessons are in french. so i can’t choose something really hard or it will make it even harder for me to understand. so i’m down to the final 6 and that’s a relief because that was the last thing i needed to get done before my application file can finally be submitted!

went down to ntu yesterday evening to get a recommendation letter too. so actually i’m quite satisfied because i’d expected to only be able to finish everything by the weekend and now it’s only tuesday! =) and i’ve already started on my application to ujf last night too. yes, moving on a speed train here. woosh woosh woosh! no time to lose!

plus, as everyone knows (and either love or dread it), valentine’s day is drawing so near! i have to prepare for it and i kinda have an idea what i’ll do!

oooh, lovey dovey hearty! hee hee hee!

*excited* won’t spill the beans here because my man reads my blog (oh, random thought. how come no one says “crying over spilt beans?”). the thing is, i’ll only have this coming weekend to do it and even for this weekend, i’m so tight for time! plus, i’ve already got something on every day of the week. i’m so dead.

so, i am taking another short hiatus from blogging until after the lunar new year (also valentine’s day). that is also when i will be relieved of my job and i will be FREE!!!!!!!!!! maybe the pictures from st james on saturday night will come out then too. sorry guys, been really busy! the pictures are all still in my usb card! plus i am also starting to get sick again due to my lack of sleep.

so in the meantime, rock on girls and party like a rock star.

and when you’re tired of partying or shopping, grab your girl friends and chill out at an awesome cafe or bar. have tea. do something relaxing and de-stress. don’t forget to have fun!

listen to the clinker of champagne glasses.

i will be back soon and just before i sign off, i’d like to wish everyone a happy valentine’s day and chinese new year in advance!

all pictures taken from laboomeria, theprincessblog and

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kenwooi February 2, 2010 - 3:33 pm

happy valentine's day and CNY in advance too.. looks like you're looking forward to both events.. im otherwise..

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