we all belong to the same high school, really.

by Roxanne C.

i know i said i’d be on a hiatus. but something came into my mind.

see, china is really annoying the hell out of me. what’s up with them and trying to stop people from communicating with the people they don’t like? i have this whole scene in my head.

earth is like a high school or college. every country is like a person in that school. tiny and/or isolated countries like singapore and new zealand are the minorities and the ones who maintain low profiles. exotic countries like the caribbeans and the countries in south america, like brazil, are the hotties. europe is the cheerleading squad and the european countries are the cheerleaders.

china, being the ever annoying one, is the high school bitch. you are not supposed to befriend the people she doesn’t like nor her enemies, even if they are not bad people, even if they are people who are not really harmful to anyone, even if they hold good moral values (dalai lama, hello). she also doesn’t like it when everyone thinks that someone else does something better than her and so she’s always trying to outdo herself, even if it requires some “underhand” means (you know, like when they had a cute girl lip sync to the voice of a not-so-cute girl during the olympics last year).

the united states is the class president. her decisions affect like, 90% of her classmates. not everyone likes her but she has control and she makes use of the undesirable situations that the other students are in to show how influential she is. and therefore, she continues getting people under her wing and even though some may not like the decisions she makes, they have no choice but to conceed.

terrorists are the high school bullies. they mob others, they harm others and they act so tough. but deep down inside is the vulnerable individual who’s crying out for help and no one listens. they are the troubled teens who come from messy backgrounds that not many people can relate to.

the other planets and stars are the other high schools, colleges, societies and clubs. the bigger ones have more members, are more popular and hold more significance. the smaller ones either disintegrate or merge over time.

i wonder then, who the principal of “earth high school” is.