what i’ll do when i’m out of my job

by Roxanne C.

alot of people have been asking me what i will do once my job ends. here is a list:

1) continue writing freelance

2) make accessories to sell again

3) admire my diamonds and gold

4) pamper myself with long, luxurious showers that include exfoliating, moisturising, shaving, epilating, facial scrubbing, hair conditioning…

5) sleep in whenever i feel like it

6) bake (maybe. not that into baking nowadays)

7) read more books

8) blog

9) chill out at cafes

10) hang out with friends at bars on weekday evenings

11) finish applying to ujf. this is actually the most important thing i’ve to do

12) and if i’m accepted, prepare my visa, residence permit, etc

13) learn french

14) watch dvds of tv series

15) go swimming

16) paint my nails

17) shop

ok see, shopping is the last in my list. i’m quite sick of shopping in singapore because stupid stores don’t stock clothes in my size (shops like forever 21 and even levis, can u believe it) and those that do sell them for expensive prices. it’s not that i’m rich or whatever, you know, need to have expensive clothes. it’s just that i HAVE NO OPTIONS. bloody hell. and neither will i spend $10 for a top that is of bad quality and will only last me 5 washes ok! and please, not every girl who bothers to dress up well is rich and well-to-do. stop being so narrow-minded. it just makes you seem stupid and uneducated.

yes it’s annoying me. why do thin people like me have to suffer? we all gotta pack our bags and move somewhere that’s friendlier to our pockets. move move move! shove shove shove! as if eating alot isn’t bad enough already. argh!

i’ve also been putting off doing a review of sally hansen’s airbrush legs spray. that’s because my legs had some infection for the past few months, and now they are finally infected no more. it would be a good time to do a review because i still have some scars, and i can see whether the spray conceals. i mean, if the angels of victoria’s secrets need at least 10 layers of makeup on their legs and bums before the shows (it’s true), i’m sure sally hansen has a place in this world. also, the thing is, i don’t use body makeup and so once i open the can, it’s of no more use to me than just for the purpose of a review. and i’ll only be able to sell it for a much lower price! hmm.