i am no longer a feminist but i still believe in human rights

by Roxanne C.

i’ve used to think that i was a feminist. until i realised what feminism really meant.

fem⋅i⋅nism /ˈfɛməˌnɪzəm/ Show Spelled Pronunciation [fem-uh-niz-uhm]


1. the doctrine advocating social, political, and all other rights of women equal to those of men.

2. (sometimes initial capital letter) an organized movement for the attainment of such rights for women.

3. feminine character.

“all other rights of women equal to those of men.” that’s never gong to be possible. first of all, women and men were made to be different. why else, and please explain, would women have boobs and svelte physiques while men have balls and are usually more muscular. since eons ago, men have been made to be hunters while women were gatherers and this will remain the sole essence of the world from then till forever.

it’s the men who have to put in more physical work while women put in more mental work. that’s just what i think. why else, again, would women be more adept at multi-tasking than men? it’s just all fitted into our genes the day we were born. yin and yang. whole thing all over again. if men and women were supposed to be equal in all aspects, there’s no point in having two different sexes then. we could all just be amoebae and self-multiply or be hermaphrodites and self-conceive.

while i proclaim that i am no longer a feminist, i must insist that i believe in equal human rights for all, regardless of gender, among other things. honour killings of women and young girls alike is just wrong. live burials, beatings, torture of girls just because they “talk to other males,” “refuse to their arranged marriages,” “were raped” or “are suspected of having a child with a man who isn’t their husband” is not only immoral but also illogical and inhumane. i don’t understand why men can do this to women and the women accept it like it is. i don’t understand why some cultures even condone these acts of cruelty. it’s just not fair.

why is it that only the women suffer like that? why not the men too? why can’t they be “punished” for talking to other women, refusing their arranged marriages, being raped or being suspected of impregnating a women who’s not their wife? if there be equal rights for all mankind, everyone should be the same under the eyes of such laws. why can’t the fucking women speak up for themselves and fight for their own rights? is it just weakness on their parts? is it the emotional tag that they can’t bear to hurt the ones they love and therefore just receive whatever they are given? and why can’t these women help other women who are in the same fate? this is utter stupidity of their part and it’s nothing different from a women living under constant consensual spousal abuse. if men can have their so-called brotherhood women can have our sisterhood ok! and have you realised that the men usually gang up against these helpless individual women? they gang up on her! one guy not macho enough issit!!!

just thinking about how these men abuse their authority over women gets me all riled up inside. i know what it’s like to have a man (in their case, it’s most probably men) control your life. but seriously, to control your life and to tell you when and how you should live and die? these men are no gods. they are humans like us all. what gives them that right? nothing! they cannot think as well as us women and therefore resort to physical violence because that’s the only place where they are superior. fucking losers. i am so pissed!

i’m so lucky i wasn’t born into a culture like that. i don’t need to say which cultures practise this. everyone knows. it’s out in the open. are they not ashamed of themselves? bah!!! disgusted to the max!!!

and this is also why i cannot stand chauvinists. men who think they are superior than women JUST because they are men. to me, these men are actually just dumber than us. they don’t even have a logical, fathomable reason for their idealogy. it’s like me saying i’m smarter than you because i earn more than you, or i’m smarter than you because i’m taller than you or because my hair is longer than yours. it’s like saying i can sew better than you because i have a piano at home and you don’t. see? it just does.not.make.sense! just because these guys are so in-their-own-worlds and think that they are physically stronger than women (here i say “think” because, honestly, some guys are physically weaker than women), it doesn’t mean that they are also better at everything else. it just makes me wanna see these guys crash and burn even more.

men go out to work while women stay at home and wash clothes? let’s try reversing the roles for once. you guys (only the ones who are so so so chauvinistic, not all of you) won’t even finish half of what you’re supposed to do, whine that the detergent is eating the flesh off your hands and complain that men’s huge hands were actually made for more strenuous things like fixing broken cars. and then you’ll go play with the tiny consoles of your ps3.

girls, you should all use these shamelessly egoistical men as your motivation to succeed in life. for everything he beats you at, you win him at twice more hands down. for every car he can “lift” up with his tiny finger, you can say five sentences that will make his balls shrink in shame. you know, that feeling is just so awesome.

p.s. if your boyfriend is the kind as mentioned above, please don’t be stupid and continue being with him. unless, of course, you want your life controlled by someone else other than you.


kenwooi February 8, 2010 - 11:53 am

men and ladies are physically and emotionally different, but that should never be the reason for them to not do the same thing.. =)kenwooi.com

nurfaiz shaidan February 8, 2010 - 11:57 am

wow, that sound really furious.but still, I agree.women should actually fight for their rights which concern on prior matters:)peacefor both gender*kinda like it, the amoeba issue

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