Model Hot Seat

by Roxanne C.

So I’m meaning to pack up my clothes and makeup cupboards but the cleaning lady is coming in the afternoon, anytime starting from now. and so I’ve to wait till she’s done or otherwise the whole room will be too messy. I’ve written my first article for March and I’ve got another one to go. I did consider doing a look today but since my makeup is in a whole pile, I don’t want to go near that for the moment. And I simply must get a dark burgundy – purple – brown – red lip colour. Must!

So I ended up watching Model Hot Seat videos on where Elle interviews models backstage at this year’s shows like Alexander Wang and BCBG Maxazria. Wow. It seems like them models don’t like wearing makeup to go out outside of their jobs! When the interviewer asked them what makeup they’d usually wear, they said, “nothing,” or some said mascara and eyeliner at the most. I guess when you’re in makeup every single day for hours on end, and when you see that good makeup takes ages to be put together, the last thing you want on your days off is to put more of it back on.

And it also seems to me that Chanel’s Precision Demaquillant Yeux Intense Gentle Biphase Eye Makeup Remover is a popular product among the models. Of course, the models interviewed were all caucasian, so I can’t say the same for the asian ones.

Oh gosh. I am bored! I have things I wanna do but I can’t! Now where is she???