Olay and Shu Uemura Saved my Day

by Roxanne C.

If you’ve been following my tweets for the last couple of days, you’d have known that I was dealing with hair that had suddenly turned really oily and sticky. And gross. The stuff that was in my hair… I still don’t know what caused it and how it got there, though I do have a hypothesis (*hint* some shampoo whose name starts with a “D” and has four letters)… That grime would not go away even after I had shampooed my hair. As in, it would still be there even immediately after I shampooed. That meant that shampoo was not taking it off of me. And the weird thing was that it was only present on the top and middle parts of my head. The rest of my hair was OK!

So that was bizzare. My sister had it too and only both of us had used that same shampoo. It was definitely not a result of an oily scalp because how can an oily scalp still be oily right after a shower? Plus, it was sticky and made my hair clump together. So it could only be one other thing: residual deposits in my hair.

Today, i resorted to getting it off once and for all. I tried almost everything in the shower from normal body foam to detergent. Yes, I tried detergent and it still didn’t work. I used Olay’s Total Effects Shower Cream Plus Body Butter and it seemed to help a little. But not all was gone. I was desperate. I almost poured Skin Food’s Lettuce & Cucumber Toner when I spotted my Shu Uemura Skin Purifier.

Shu Uemura Skin Purifier

After this, I used a body foam to wash it off. And it worked! It worked! OMG. I was so glad. My hair is now finally back to normal! So thank god for Shu Uemura. My sister tried it on its own but it also only worked on her when she’d used the Olay Shower Cream before it.

Ah, the mystery of the week is solved! Now on to getting some food before I go pack my clothes wardrobe!

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R one February 27, 2010 - 3:36 pm

haha..yea..i agree the D' brand shampoo is pretty oily! =P

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