Paperself Paper Lashes

by Roxanne C.

Why hasn’t anyone invented these before? They are RAD!!!! Check these paper lashes from Paperself out!


Unique lashes from Paperself.


Artsy much?


They go with more vibrant eyeshadows too.


The classic Hollywood glam look with a twist.


The collection.


Each design was inspired by the traditional art of Chinese paper cutting. Therefore the peonies and horses and such. My favourite are the peonies and small peach blossoms! I need to get my hands on these! They are all also made from laminated paper so that they can be reused without getting torn apart. Genius!



P.S. Don’t you think the peach blossoms look like girls paired up and smiling at each other?


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noppi May 2, 2010 - 5:32 pm

I like the small peach blossom.. 😀

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