Swatch: Ed Pinaud Luminous Eyeshadow in 03

by Roxanne C.

This is an eyeshadow that I got for free. It came together with an issue of L’Officiel Magazine Singapore quite some time ago. It’s still usable now and I love how there are tiny sponge applicators tucked neatly on the underside of this pot (no pictures of it though).

In the pot

With and without UDPP

Actually I had only just found out that this eyeshadow came with its own sponge applicators (two of them). I am such a noob. I didn’t take any pictures of the applicators because I had found out only while writing this entry after the pictures were already taken! Did you girls know???

Anyway, adding UDPP beforehand just makes the colour appear more silvery. Without UDPP, the shade looks whiter. However, the difference is not noticeable unless you scrutinise it like you do your blackheads.

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