On a Jet Plane

by Roxanne C.

I’ll be in the plane for the next 24 hours and I won’t reach my final destination till about 2-3 days later from now on. I should be seated in the plane now as you’re reading this, by the way. So here’s just a little note from me to let you know about the absence of some entries these coming few days. I haven’t had the time to write some articles (swatch for my Clinique blush, review for my Estee Lauder mascara, review for my Shiseido mascara base… etc) but I will definitely do those when I am settled down after this week.

I hope everyone has a great weekend (3 days this time round, and 4 if you take tomorrow or Monday off as well). Spend some time with your loved ones and chill over good food and drinks. Meanwhile, I’ll pray that I’ll reach Freddy safe and in one piece. Till then!

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